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North Dakota Allows Covid Positive Nurses To Work

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state law, health care workers who test positive for COVID-19 yet remain asymptomatic are allowed to work on a COVID-19 unit as the governor just announced in North Dakota.

This is both somewhat shocking and scary because it is hard enough for nurses to work with COVID-19 positive patients but yet, working with positive co-workers?

Nurses are stressed to the max by facing COVID-19 on a daily basis and having to do more with less in fighting this disease.  Many are at their breaking point.  Some are so frightened that they even hesitate going to the break room to grab a bite to eat because they may be infected by a co-worker.

There have been reports such as nurses seen crying, even in their cars as many fear to go home because of the possibility of infecting their own family members.  Now, if a COVID-19 positive nurse is allowed to come to work, it burdens the others with an additional set of fears and concerns like sitting in the break room or having a bite to eat.

Nurses are the first to tell others to wear masks, keep socially distant and stay at home once they come into contact with a COVID-19 positive person.  And here we have nurses being asked to still go to work?  This makes no sense.

Does your facility allow nurses to work even if they are found to be COVID-19 positive?  Let me know your experiences and thoughts below.


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