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Nurses Say “Aloha” To Hawaii

It’s interesting that Hawaii nurses get the best annual pay of all nurses in the country: $104,060.00 per year.  Story.  At the same time, California nurses get the highest pay per hour at $54.44 per hour.  Nurses in those 2 states are mostly unionized.

If you want to go to the Aloha state for your nursing practice, you will have to quarantine for 10 days with a negative COVID test from an approved provider tested within 72 hours prior to departure to the islands.

However, Kauai, opted out of this program in early December and now they have what are called “reverse bubbles.”  Story.  In these reverse bubbles you can wear a tracking device and participate to access pools, dining and potentially even the beaches during this 72-hour quasi-quarantine period.

You cannot leave the resort other than for medical care and your movement will be tracked by this bracelet.

This seems to be an interesting workaround but what a great way to enjoy Hawaii before you start as a nurse in that state.

I was surprised to learn that Hawaii was number 1 in salary.  How about you?


  1. Jenny Kubiak

    That is wonderful! I’m hoping to get into the legal nurse consulting seminar that you have and begin a new adventure. How does the legal nurse pay in Hawaii?? I already know I would love to do this work, it’s just coming up with the money before hand. Keep me in mind!!

  2. Nena Hart

    Although the pay seems great for Hawaii, high taxes and sky high housing and food costs attribute for a 40% increase in expenses. So you have less left over even though you’re making more. While it’s worth it for the tropical getaway, nurses should be aware because most nurses I hear from are shocked and disappointed with how much that impacts their standard of living. Great article and good to include the quarantine requirements. They add another layer of travel planning for sure!

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