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Nurses’ Strike in Illinois with Doris Carroll, President of the Illinois Nurses Association

Lorie Brown, Nurse Attorney, of Brown Law Office, P.C. and EmpoweredNurses.org, interviews Doris Carroll, President of Illinois Nurses’ Association and founder of Nurses Take D.C., to discuss the recent Nurses’ Strike in Illinois including Safe Patient Limits, Mandatory Masking, PPE for Nurses, and COVID Hazard Pay. Also discussed is the mission of Nurses Take D.C. and how to help get legislation passed for Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios. Find more information at www.IllinoisNurses.com and wwwNursesTakeDC.com, wwwNursesTakeDC.com, or DCarroll@IllinoisNurses.com (317) 465-1065

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  1. Pam Robbins

    Doris Carroll RN INA president, Illinios AFL-CIO,
    Nurses Take DC founder,

    Notorioys Doris is an incredible nurse, nurse advocate, nurse political leader, union and policy giant. Congratulations on successful strike! Securing language that saves patient lives with improved nurse staffing in binding INA contract language is a lasting win for all!
    Pam Robbins RN, MSN
    Past president INA
    Current political nurse advocate
    Health policy nurse educator

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