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Stress and Nursing

Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD, discusses the amount of stress that nurses are under and ways to relieve some of the stress in order to protect your nursing license. Lorie also talks about the importance of relieving stress and taking time for yourself so you can be there for your patients and not make mistakes. She also talks about different ways you can relieve stress.


  1. Nursey

    Nurses will take more shifts because mgrs lay a guilt trip trip on them. Stop answering the phone. Take more mini vacations to get away relax . One of the biggest mistakes in nursing career was saving putting it away for retirement. Then BON complaint, false allegations, a corrupt board of nursing protecting a hospital , people willing to lie , and lost it all . You think that the truth will prevail but does not .
    Refused to sign their lies , license gone, can’t volunteer anywhere medicare involved.

  2. Nursey

    OH Lori your daughter gets prettier every year. So grown up . What’s that beach boys song about California girls ::)) . She’ll do well in college.

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