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Why I Think Nurses’ Day Should Be Everyday!

I’ve told you more than once that I believe nurses are the hardest working people on Earth! You cannot pay most people enough money to do what nurses everywhere do every day and with a smile on their face.

Nurses should be celebrated every day because they made it through nursing school. Nursing schools are one of the most difficult programs for professionals. Nurses must memorize tons of medical terminology, endure clinicals and pass the NCLEX examination. The stress of passing nursing school should be celebrated: YOU DID IT!

I say too that, despite seeing more pain, suffering and death than anyone else, nurses are the kindest humans on the planet. They give so much to their patients to make their lives better during their most troublesome, vulnerable, and uncertain times. A nurse will see more pain, suffering and death than anyone else.

A nurse can go into a room to immediately establish trust with a patient to help them with their most personal care and situations. They are there to support those who are facing their final hours, to help them transition comfortably. Nurses also comfort the grieving family members who wait out those final hours for the patient.

Nurses are the smartest people, flat out geniuses I say, having to be creative, organized, prioritized and be able to critically think on their feet. They continually introduce new technology and must learn new things all the time. Nurses work 24/7. There is seldom such a thing as a holiday or a weekend.

They give to others and are not always available for their children’s sports activities, school events and sometimes not available for holidays with the family.

Nurses deserve every day to be one noteworthy in their honor because they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are exposed to every type of bodily substance and pathogen, known and unknown.

Lastly, nurses have huge hearts. They are such givers and care more about everyone else. I honestly believe nursing is in our DNA and that is why we became nurses.

I will tell you again that every day should be Nurses’ Day to honor this dedicated group from our nation’s medical healthcare professionals. Thank you for all you do!

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