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Will License Discipline Affect My Future Education?

Many nurses who think the grass is always greener on the other side will continue their education by becoming nurse practitioners.

But let me tell you, the problem is that the grass there is not greener because even if you become a nurse practitioner, the problems in health care still exist.  They’re just different problems.

I have been asked if a nurse has discipline on their license, will they be able to continue their education?  There is no simple answer to this.

The nursing educational program you plan to attend will have to decide whether you’re a candidate in reflection of any past discipline.  If your license is on probation or other restriction, you will be unable to take part in clinicals because you need an active license to participate.  If you are currently in school for higher education and have a complaint pending against your license, many want to complete the education before you resolve the matter, if possible. However, I believe honesty is the best policy. If you have discipline pending, you should tell the school. It is public record and if they find out and you did not tell them…

Sometimes attorneys don’t have control over how long a case will last or how soon it can be settled.  However, just know that if you have discipline on your RN license, most likely you will have discipline on your APRN license too and both can be trouble in getting a job.

Getting an APRN license, especially with a complaint pending or discipline on your license can complicate things.  Just know that each situation is different and unique.  If you have past or present discipline on your license, it may affect your ability to continue your education as well as determining your ability to get an APRN license.


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