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Your Work Email Is Not Private


When you have an email address, you would think that you have privacy. If your email address is through your employer, nothing you communicate is private, nothing! An employer has access to everything that is sent and received through your employer’s email system.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do not send or receive anything that you wouldn’t want your employer to see.

The whole purpose of having a specific email address at work is for business purposes only. You must not use that email address for anything personal or private. Do not even use that email address for the Board or license renewal.

In addition, everything sent and received through your work email address should never be forwarded to your personal email or to any other person outside of your employer unless directed to do so. Nothing should be forwarded at work unless it is for business purposes with your employer.

I would strongly recommend that you give the Board of Nursing a personal email address rather than a business email address unless it is your own business. If the Board is trying to reach you and you are no longer with that employer, you have a problem. The Board may consider the email to you as appropriate notice even if you never received it because you left your employment and no longer have access.

If there is an issue or if the Board is trying to reach you for some reason, do you want your employer to know about it at that time? Or would you rather tell them in your own way?

Just remember, as I said, nothing you ever send or receive on your employer’s email system is private; your employer has access to everything and be very careful with anything you put in writing because they will be able to see it. They are watching!

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