Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Are You An Idea-Generating Nurse?

If you’re like me, you probably have all kinds of ideas on how to improve nursing, patient care or on another business venture. This is what makes us great entrepreneurs. We are idea generators!

However, the downside is that sometimes we get so many ideas in our heads that we start but we don’t finish. Now, is this you?

For myself, I admit that I am a great starter and maybe a good “middler” but not a good finisher.

What I do that helps me to overcome “shiny object syndrome,” one where you want to start or chase the next best thing, is to get accountability and create a plan with a timeline for when it must be completed and the steps I must reach along the way.

When I commit to something, I do not start anything else. This is the number one priority! And I say, “No!” to other opportunities, other ideas.

I put those ideas in a notebook for storage, so I won’t forget them but keep them easily accessible for when I am ready to move on to what’s next.

When I’m in a project creation mode, I focus completely on the project and turn off all other distractions. For instance, I unsubscribe from newsletters, podcasts, things of that nature that may derail me and take my interests to the task at hand and in another direction

Lastly, I stop comparing myself to other entrepreneurs. The comparison monster is always in our face comparing ourselves to others saying, “Look how much further she is than me,” or “She got her book done,” or whatever the comparison thought in my

head might be. I simply turn it off in my mind so that I can be truly focused on what I have before me at the present.

I’m curious what you do to deal with “imposter syndrome?” What are some of the strategies that you use? Please let me know in the comments below.

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