Empowering Nurses at the Bedside and in Business

Biggest Reason Nurses Fail In Business

Anyone who has a dream of owning a business consciously wants to succeed but their subconscious may have other plans for them.

Our subconscious and conscious are 2 parts of our mind.  The subconscious is formed by the age of 7 and basically everything that we’ve heard or made up about an event, we believe to be true.  If we believe that we are not good enough, not deserving or not worthy, it is the subconscious running the show even if the conscious mind does not believe so.

We all have a comfort zone of about 72 degrees and when it gets too hot, the air conditioner will kick on to lower the temperature and, likewise, if it gets too cold, the heat will kick on and raise the temperature to return us to our comfort zone.

Our brain is designed with an old part called the “reptilian brain” or the amygdala which senses fear and is designed to keep us safe.  In the old days, we may have had a saber-tooth tiger threatening to eat us at which the amygdala provided a flight or fight response based on fear.  More directly, it is designed to keep us in our comfort zone.

And that is applicable in our case today as it may cause us to hesitate to get out there and do the necessary things to build our businesses.  Fear is what gets in the way of everyone, including nurses, from being successful.  We feel fear and it stops us in our tracks.

However, the fear is not real but we perceive it as real.  It is coming from either the future or the past.  It may be from a long-ago experience in which we may not have succeeded or it could be fear from an unknown future.  The only way to deal with such fears is to walk through them and recognize that they are not real.  It is some belief that we adopted a long time ago.

As I often say, feel the fear and do it anyway because if you have this idea for a business, you definitely can succeed if it is something that is going to bring value to people and solve a problem.

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