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What Is Your “Marketing Pie”?


The way to get known in your business is to be omnipresent which means being everywhere. I ask all my new clients how they found me, and I learned that there are a number of ways that they came to select me to assist them.

Think about this. Coca-Cola is the name of company that has several soft drink products. But when one goes to order a cola, they just refer to it as a “Coke.” It is a trademarked name.

“Kleenex” is another example. Kleenex is a trademarked name but when people ask for a facial tissue, they don’t say “can you hand me a facial tissue?” They almost always ask for a Kleenex. I have never heard anyone ask for a Puffs.

Your goal is to have your name become synonymous with what you are offering. For example, I am the go-to-person for nurse license protection and for nurse business owners. I do this based on a “marketing pie.”

Try this: on a piece of paper, draw a circle, like a pie, and put 4 lines through it so that you have 8 slices. What activities can you put in those slices to show your marketing activities?

When you are new, just take 1 slice at a time. It’s too overwhelming to do 8 slices at a time. I am starting a new slice of my pie with podcasting. That’s another avenue for me to spread my message.

Other slices of my marketing pie include what you are reading right now: a newsletter or blog! This allows me to keep in touch with my current, past and prospective clients.

Someone’s marketing pie could include exhibiting, speaking, advertising, website, social media, Facebook ads, writing articles, etc. Any of these activities are considered marketing and can increase your presence so others know who you are and what services you offer.

However, when you do any marketing activity, be sure you have a call to action. We’ll discuss that in the next newsletter.

So, for today your homework assignment is to work out your marketing pie and how you want to spread your message.

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